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About Soul Connector

Welcome to! is an exciting new initiative for both singles and those who are currently in a relationship. Using progressive methods of matching your interests with others, combines personal, social, psychological, spiritual and astrological aspects of your personality to search for your soul mate and give you a rating based on these findings. brings you a whole new vista of love, friendship and soul connecting possibilities. Our visual graphic results will not only make your search for that special person absolutely simple but fun as well. In fact, when you log in, our unique matching system will have already prepared some first rate matches for you. prides itself on integrity and the deeper aspects of true relationship.

And incidentally, our membership and soulmating services is absolutely FREE!!

Soul Connector Program - Steps to Finding Fullfillment in Love


Soul Connector can accelerate your self-understanding and insights into others. Here's a quick overview of what you can do to find and keep true love. Self Knowledge is true power...

Step 1Self knowledge is power...

The first step is in learning about yourself. This helps you to honestly look at your strengths and weaknesses so that you aspire to become your best. When you find someone who best suits your temperament you give yourself the best chance possible in love. But you have to be honest and transparent, and moreover, prepared to weed out those negative character traits that are holding you back. At Soul Connector we will provide you with many different tools to give you the edge.

Based upon at least 15 levels of agreement between you and other potential Soul mates, we will run comprehensive scans utilising modern and ancient systems of tried and tested matching to offer you reliable and satisfying results.

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